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These Standard Terms and Conditions (Terms) apply to all orders of Goods and Services from Wim Blinds Pty Ltd (we, us, our, Wim or Company). These Terms together with customer’s order form a contract for the sale of the Goods and Services. We will not be bound by any terms and conditions included in any purchase order, sales confirmation or other document or communication from the customer.


Orders and Products

All orders must be in a written form provided by Wim Blinds and accompanied by a deposit of 50%, unless agreed by us, of the Full Price on the order.

For orders amount exceeds three thousand dollars ($3000), totally 80% deposit must be collected prior the delivery or installation of products.


The manufacturing process will only commence after a 50% of deposit (or agreed value by the management) from the Customer is received.


We may decline any order by written notice to the Customer within three (3) days of receipt of the order by the Wim.


If customer supply the measurement to us, the customer is responsible to ensure the measurement is proper and we will not be liable for any loss occurs.



Variation of color

Due to the nature of timber, batch of paint and fabric dye, there may be slight color variation in the products, especially ordered at different times. Wim will try our best to minimise the variance from different batches once have been advised before manufacturing.


Fabric “V” shape


For large roller blinds more than 2.4 meters width or longer than 3.0 meters length, they have a big chance to show a “V” shape. In order to reduce this effect the customer should consider divide the large blind into two smaller ones.



Availability of materials

The products may not be available in the colors or materials customers select. If this occurs we will advise the customer as soon as we are notified.

The customer may then: (1) choose another color or material; (2) wait for stock to come in; (3) choose another range and we will adjust the price difference.



Returns and service


As Wim Blinds & Shades products are highly customized, orders are non-returnable.

If any faulty or defect is found by the customer after delivery/installation, customer must present written notification to us within 7 days of delivery/installation. Wim will sent technician to assess the claim; if Wim is liable for the faulty or defect we will fix this issue at no charge. On the other hand if the issue is caused by misuse, mishandling or anything after the installation, a $110 service fee will be charged to the customer on top of the repair fee.




Pick up

In relation to Pick-up Orders a storage fee will be charged if the customer doesn’t collect the product within fourteen (14) days of receiving notification from Wim.

For internal fabric blinds product, the charge is $10/ea per week

For External Awnings, the charge is $50/ea per week.

For plantation shutters, the charge is $10/sqm per week.

For installation Orders, if the installation booking is delayed by the customer for any reason, the storage fee will occurred after twenty one (21) days of receiving notification from Wim.





Customers are responsible to ensure the access to windows are clear. No furniture should be within 3 meters around the area of installation. Installers accept no responsibility for any damage within three meters of the installation areas if furniture or items are not removed.

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